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Plant Biotechnology Laboratory

Resolving environmental problems and enriching lives by utilizing plants

We are conducting research to use or improve the function of plants to solve agricultural and environmental problems, including food shortage and desertification.

Research topics

 – Analysis of salt tolerance mechanisms in plants, especially functional analysis of potassium transporters, using wild turf grass and mangrove plants as materials.

 – Analysis of drought tolerance mechanisms in plants

 – Phytoremediation, especially production of formaldehyde-detoxifying plants

We have identified potassium transporters from S. virginicus, which mediate potassium transport from roots to shoots. These proteins could contribute to the production of salt tolerant plants, and also plants not requiring potassium as a fertilizer. We are working on the identification and functional analysis of the proteins which are responsible for potassium/sodium transport in plants, especially wild turf grasses.

Fig. 1 Growth of Arabidopsis expressing genes for potassium transporters from S. virginicus on K+-starved medium.

We are seeking graduate students to analyze the functions of potassium transporters in plants.
Contact: tadayui@stf.teu.ac.jp

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